Post 200

What is Post 200?

Post 200, also known as the "Headquarters Post", is a general holding post for membership. Membership in Post 200 does entitle you to full rights as a member of The American Legion, however, you as a member do not have any say in anything in The American Legion. Post 200 does not have officers, does not hold meetings and is not allowed any delegates at the Department Convention.

Why does Post 200 exist?

The way The American Legion rules are set up is that the national or state organization cannot force a post to accept an individual's membership. In order for the national or state organization to conduct successful membership campaigns, or if an individual contacts the national or state organization about joining, it needs a post in which to place the individual.

Why should I join a local post?

It is never ideal to remain in Post 200, whether or not you intend to be an active member. As a member of a local post a portion or your annual dues is retained by your local post, this in turn helps that post support your local community. If you so choose you can also attend your post's meetings and have a vote in how your local post functions and the programs it supports. Local posts also fall into one of seven districts, as a member of a local post you can attend district meetings and have a say in what is brought up to the state organization. Local posts are also authorized delegates to the annual Department Convention, this is where decisions are made that effect the entire state organization and is also where the state officers are elected.

What post should I join?

This is a personal choice and no one can tell you what post you have to join. It is best to start in your local community. Does your town or city have a post? How about a neighboring town? What programs are you interested in? No two posts are the same, nor are the programs they focus on. Some posts have bingo halls, some focus on social functions, some don't even have a physical building yet are still very active. If you know when and where the post you intend on joining meets you can always go and ask questions. If you would like more information on a post, or would just like some help deciding what post you would like to join, feel free to contact the Department Headquarters at (860)436-9986.

How do I transfer to a local post?

If you know when and where the post you intend on transferring to meets you can go and ask to transfer in person. Local posts do have the ability to transfer members in from Post 200. You can also call the Department Headquarters at (860)436-9986 and tell them you wish to transfer to a local post.

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