Documents & Forms

Applications for Membership

[PDF]American Legion Application
[PDF]American Legion Auxiliary Application
[PDF]Sons of The American Legion Application
[PDF]Tri-fold Application (Print)

Department Convention

[PDF]95th Annual Call to Convention (2013)
[PDF]Department Convention Registration (2013)
[PDF]Installation Flyer (2013)
[PDF]Registration Requirements (2013)
[PDF]SSMF Annual Dinner Flyer (2013)

Children & Youth

● Boys State

[PDF]2014 Boys State Application-Fill and Save
[PDF]Boys State - What to Bring 2013
[PDF]Boys State Leadership Program Fact Sheet
[PDF]Eastern CT State University Campus Map 2013
[PDF]Samsung Scholarship Application 2013

● Oratorical

[PDF]Oratorical Registration

General Membership

[PDF]Awards Presentation Book (2012)
[PDF]Standard Form 180 - Military Records Request
[PDF]What The American Legion Does

Internal Managment

● Department - District

[PDF]DEC Activity Report (2012-2013)
[PDF]District Chairmen Report (2013-2014)
[PDF]District Commander Post Visit
[PDF]District Officer Report (2013-2014)
[PDF]District Sr Vice Commander Post Visit
[PDF]Emblem Sales Order Sheet (For Dept Caps)

● Post Officers

[PDF]Awards Package (2013)
[PDF]Chaplains Manual
[PDF]Member Data Form
[PDF]Membership Transmittal Form (2013)
[PDF]Membership Transmittal Form (2014)
[PDF]Oratorical Chairmans Guide
[PDF]Post Adjutants Manual
[PDF]Post Chairmen Report Form (2013-2014)
[PDF]Post Officer Guide
[PDF]Post Officers Report Form (2013-2014)
[PDF]Post Service Officers Guide
[PDF]Protocol Manual
[PDF]Second District Report (Fillable)
[PDF]Second District Report (Print)

American Legion Auxiliary

[PDF]Convention Banquet Flyer

● Education

[PDF]CT Auxiliary Memorial Education Grant (2013)
[PDF]Past Presidents Parley Memorial Education Grant (2012-2013)

American Legion Riders

[PDF]American Legion Riders Officers Report Form (2013-2014)
[PDF]Resolution 32 - Amendment to Resolution 35
[PDF]Resolution 35 - American Legion Riders as a National Program

Sons of The American Legion

[PDF]SAL Call to Convention (2013)
[PDF]SAL Squadron Officers Report Form (2013-2014)
[PDF]SAL Transmittal Form (2014)
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